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Zella’s Traveling Scrapbook Exhibition. We celebrate the remarkable story of Zella Powell, a member of a prominent family from Mattoon’s founding in the mid-1800s, a town in Illinois, who made history as the first Black student to graduate from Eastern Illinois University. Join us in exploring the inspiring journey of this trailblazing family and the exhibition that brings their story to life.

zella's scrapbook
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The Discovery
Legacy of Zella Powell

Immerse yourself in the captivating life of Zella Powell, a true visionary who shattered barriers and left an indelible mark on the history of our community.

From humble beginnings to becoming a pioneer in education, Zella Powell exemplifies resilience, determination, and academic excellence.

Experience the Journey Step into the world of Zella through our meticulously curated exhibition. Uncover the personal artifacts, historical documents, and captivating photographs that chronicle their extraordinary life.

What's Happening
Zella, is the first Black graduate of Eastern Illinois State Normal School in 1910

This striking photograph reveals Zella Powell at her graduation from Eastern Illinois State Normal School now Eastern Illinois University.  

Zella Powell
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