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Student at Fisk University. Cousin to Zella.

Anna McCann

Future Instructor at Wilberforce College college. She became the future wife of Colonel Charles Young, First Black Colonel in the US Army. The first Black Superintendent of a national park. In 2022, he was promoted to Brigadier General posthumously.

Ada Barr 7 years old

Jessica Anderson- Cousin & Roy. Jessica was the daughter of Julia and Louis B Anderson

Jessica Ray

Outside barbershop owned John Powell, Zella's father. He is in the center to his right is Carl Perry. The other barber is Henry Watson.

john powell outside barber shop

Julia Barr Anderson, Wife of Louis B Anderson 2nd black Alderman in Chicago-Louis B Anderson was an Attorney. He served as the Alderman for the 2nd ward from 1917-1933.

Julia Anderson

Alderman Louis. B Anderson and wife Julia Barr Anderson on the porch of their cottage.


Cousins of Zella.


Zella's graduation picture from Chicago Normal School in 1916

Zella's Graduation photo

Zella with the Scrapbook

Original portrait of Zella with her scrapbook
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